Refund Policy

P2P Transactions.

All transactions made VIA P2P are direct peer-to-peer payments. This means that once a payment is sent, there is no way for MYBITSTORE to reverse the transaction or reclaim funds on your behalf. As a result, we're unable to resolve any payment disputes regarding payment using P2P.

    Refund Processes for Transactions With MYBITSTORE As Merchant and or Buyer.

    In order to request a refund, the buyer must contact the Mybitstore directly. The information provided regarding purchase issues should be true and reliable. False and inaccurate information may invalidate refund eligibility. If the buyer is not able to properly identify the transaction, then the refund can’t be processed. Once the refund is completed, Mybitstore will send a notification to the buyer confirming the refund. Refunds are allowed under the following situations

      Purchase of Cryptocurrency From Mybitstore.

      Where the purchase of cryptocurrency is made directly from MYBITSTORE, there shall be no refund when the transaction is completed.

        Purchase of Cryptocurrency by Mybitstore.

        Where the purchase is made by Mybitstore, there shall be no reversal and or refund when the transaction is completed.

          Completed Transactions.

          A transaction is completed where MYBITSTORE and or a buyer receive the cryptocurrency purchased and the payment where made by
          • mobile money payment, is successfully deducted from mybitstore or a buyer’s mobile money account.
          • bank transfer, is successfully deducted from Mybitstore or buyer’s account.
          • cash deposit, the money is successfully deposited in the designated bank and a pay-in-slip is issued for the deposit.

          Incomplete Transactions.

          Where payment is made by a buyer but the transfer of the cryptocurrency is not successful, a refund of the sum shall be made in the currency the sum was received to the buyer.

            Cancelled Transactions.

            Where a purchase is cancelled by a buyer, the sum paid shall be refunded in the value and currency received from the buyer. Order cancellation occurs when the buyer cancels the order during the payment process.


              Where a buyer overpays for a purchase, the excess amount of the sum received shall be made in the currency received by the buyer. Where Mybitstore overpays for a transaction due to miscalculation, error and or any technical mishap whatsoever and or howsoever, the customer however designate whether as buyer or seller of cryptocurrency to Mybitstore shall refund the amount overpaid. In such case the customer grants and consent to the deduction of the overpaid amount from monies contained in their account on the Mybitstore Application. The Customer further agrees that where no amount is held in their account on the Mybitstore App, it is agreed that the overpaid amount shall be refunded through mobile money payment, Bank transfer, deposit payment or through any method communicated by Mybitstore for the repayment


                Where a buyer under pays for a purchase, the buyer shall either top up the difference or request a refund of the amount paid.Where in any transaction Mybitstore underpays a Customer however designated as seller o buyer, the difference in the payment shall be made by Mybitstore through mobile money payment, bank transfer, bank deposit and or any method of payment agreed by Mybitstore and the affected customer.